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It's about the experience... it needs to empower you!

With over a decade of experience photographing private collections, I have been fortunate to have acquired the tools and knowhow to help generate a specific message from your image and evoke the right emotion from a viewer. However, it must also mean something to you! It is my hope that through this experience you also become inspired and empowered on a personal level.

Apart from photography, my other passion lies in my role as a positive youth development educator and advocate for youth. Working with marginalized teens and young adults from underserved communities, I came to realize the genuine power that an image can have in the overall confidence and self-esteem of young people. Many times the view we have of ourselves, be it positive or negative, can carry throughout our adulthood, influencing how we see ourselves, our feelings of worth, and by association the goals for which we strive, decisions we make, and even the relationships we choose. .

It is for this reason that I do not take my role as a photographer lightly, and I find it a privilege to do this work. Moreover, it is the reason why I hope to ultimately expand my passion for photography, and the good it does, to the creation of a youth development program that helps teens who are interested in the art, to pursue their passion, build their skills, and continue to promote the positive impact that photography can have in a person's life.

— Luis G.

Thank you

Know that although my pricing is set to help people and communities that would otherwise not be able to access this experience to do so, my mission to create a meaningful experience and deliver a professional image that elevates your profile will remain first and foremost.