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Luis Gamero from Gamero Photography, NYC photographer, portrait and headshot specialist

Professional Portrait & Headshot Specialist with a unique focus on personal branding

Hey there! Thanks for visiting. I'm Luis, an experienced portrait and headshot photographer based in New York City and on a mission to empower people through this wonderful art.
Ultimately, beyond the aesthetics, it is my goal to bring forth the ideal image that will elevate your personal brand and message.
"Creativity, professionalism, and efficiency are the three words that come to mind when I think of Gamero Photography. With the calm and ease Luis provides for his subject, there is no wonder his photos capture the magic of the person in front of the lens. When working with Gamero Photography, you are working with a company that will surpass your expectations. I recommend their services and look forward to working with Gamero Photography."
Program Director
Very professional setting. Luis was knowledgeable and patient. The shoot was not rushed and everything seemed to flow perfectly. Impressed with the shoot as well as by the final images. It was so much fun to shoot with someone that genuinely cares about doing a great job. Definitely recommend a shoot with Luis, especially if it's your first time shooting in a professional setting.
Education speciaist
Portrait of fashionable young woman with black hair
Fashion portrait of black african american man
Aligning with your vision...

My process

I have always said that a good image has a message, but a great image evokes an emotion. For this reason, I find it very important to define the ultimate goal and purpose of your shoot and how it aligns to your desired outcomes.

In order to ensure that we meet these objectives, I like to schedule a brief zoom call before the shoot to go over what you hope to accomplish with this project, as well as the specifics of our shoot.

Beyond all objectives, it is my hope that you not only be 100% satisfied with the final images, but that you also feel empowered by the experience. I really look forward to connecting with you and creating something amazing!

In order to ensure you get a head start on preparing for your professional headshot session, please feel free to download my free brief and simple headshot session guide.